Your Money or Your Life – Time for Both

Martin Simon’s moving and optimistic analysis of Timebanking is an invitation to change your life and to be a joyful part of a movement where the giving and receiving of care and and hospitality is actively regenerating communities. It is available from or Waterstones and other online book retailers at £12.50

Martin is a LivesthroughFriends Non-Executive Director and his lifetime of seeking to work with the gifts we all possess and the need to cooperate that is hard-wired into each very social individual is a constant source of inspiration and reflection to us.

Having introduced Timebanking to the UK, he reflects, at a time when a new Timebank is established every week, on the life enhancing experiences of timebankers, their impact on their neighbourhoods, the steps to creating timebanks, and a detailed analysis as to why the lessons of timebanking need to be adopted more generally before the corrosive effects of individualism and consumerism become irreversible. This is essential reading for all concerned with social policy and the planning and delivery of social services (that promote and sustain caring, hospitable, and interdependent communities).