About Us

We believe that everyone deserves a ‘good life’. The current systems rarely deliver that outcome, especially for those with complex or challenging reputations.
LivesthroughFriends brings together a group of very skilled and talented individuals and organisations, that have complementary knowledge, skills and networks. As a collective we have been delivering and sustaining great lives for people for over half a century.  
We work with citizens, communities and services to achieve this by creating: 
Real Citizenship
Building kindness, relationships and inclusion into people’s lives
Inclusive Communities
Rebalancing the relationship between Civil society, communities and public services
System Change
Helping commissioners to create a more supportive system
Clinical Competence
Addressing behaviours in a progressive way (in a low arousal way).

LivesthroughFriends was established in 2007 as a Community Interest Company by Bob Rhodes & Colin Campbell with the explicit aim of assisting people who need social care support to ‘self-direct’. Since then we have supported many people out of hospitals and institutions to get their good life.

There is Much More To Life Than Services.