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Getting Your Good Life

See some of the stories from the individuals that we have helped to achieve their Good Life

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What We Offer

Find out how we work alongside statutory bodies to demonstrate how to get individuals their Good Life by doing things differently

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About Us

Learn about how we got here and the people and things that drive us to achieve amazing things

“Seeing your work and your scientific integrity made us feel secure and optimistic. We trusted you. You shared your experience with us and you guided us since the very beginning in creating the first Supported Living service in Greece. You were always by our side, hearing our concerns, understanding our fears and supporting us in finding solutions to the problems we faced.”

Petagma, 2022

We believe that everyone deserves a ‘good life’. The current systems rarely deliver that outcome, especially for those with complex or challenging reputations.

LivesthroughFriends brings together a group of very skilled and talented individuals and organisations, that have complementary knowledge, skills and networks. As a collective we have been delivering and sustaining great lives for people for over half a century.

We work with citizens, communities and services to achieve this by creating:

Real Citizenship

Building kindness, relationships and inclusion into people’s lives

Inclusive Communities

Rebalancing the relationship between Civil society, communities and public services

System Change

Helping commissioners to create a more supportive system

Clinical Competence

Addressing behaviours in a progressive way (in a low arousal way)



 17th – 19th September 2024

An exciting ‘Headspace’ opportunity for Policy Makers, Leaders and innovative Practitioners in Learning Disability and Autism Services in a diversity of jurisdictions to take time out to engage in some ‘out-of-the-box’ experiences, thinking and deliberation.

Following a successful collaboration delivering EASPD’s Deinstitutionalisation and Inclusion ‘Lighthouse’ in 2023, the Summer Institute is again organised and facilitated by LivesthroughFriends, Vanguard Consulting, The PLAN Institute, and hosted by The Butterfly Garden.

LivesthroughFriends are members of the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

Our goals are simple but challenging:

  •   To contribute to the evolution of the personalisation thrust and the restoring of power in respect of social welfare to individuals, families and communities
  •   To demonstrate the necessity and viability of a wide diversity of initiatives to not only support people to successfully self-direct but also, and as importantly, to effect a culture change in favour of self-reliance and reciprocity
  •   Through local action
  •   To raise grassroots awareness of the opportunities on offer and support people and organisations to grasp them
  •   To constructively criticise initiatives that unnecessarily retain power and control in the hands of public bureaucracies
  •   To contribute to the emergence of a movement of people who believe that there‘s more to life than services
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