My Care Budget

Online community – Wiki page where people who use care budgets can share useful resources and information with one another

Halo Able Tec

Blogs and information about different topics to do with accessing social care: Assessments, Disability Related Expenditure, Co-Production

Bringing Us Together

Support and information for Parents and Carers

Being the Boss

Support and Information for users of Direct Payments who employ their own staff


Support and information for carers – Personalised guide to caring, online cuppa sessions for carers

CoProduce Care

Supporting those in care and their community to come together. Supporting people to influence social care law and policy from the bottom up- YouTube channel with live streams on different campaign topics, social care policy updates etc.

Disability Grants 

Disability Grants provides information on charities and trusts who provide grants in the UK

Citizen Network 

A range of papers and articles that are focused on the principles of creating a fairer society. A range of webinars are also available

Self Directed Futures 

Their mission is to help create a world where we believe and act as if everyone, every single person, matters. Achieving citizenship and self-direction for all is our main goal and at the heart of what we do.

Turn to Us 

Turn2us is a national charity providing practical help to people who are struggling financially

Inclusive Solutions

They provide up to the minute national and international, accessible information regarding training, books and cutting edge strategies to support those on the front line of inclusive practice.

Jeder Institute

The Jeder Institute creates positive change for individuals and communities, around the world, by bringing people together to realise their full potential, build on their existing networks and community strengths and to empower individual’s choice and control

Nurture Development 

They seek to support communities to reduce institutionalisation and increase interdependency in community life. Here you will find current discussion on ABCDshared resources, and full details of their training and service offers.

Be HumanKind 

Building a community that lives in HumanKindness together.

The movement purpose is:

  • To be a society that is humankind , in that we empower each other to live our best happy life.
  • With community and workplaces having the primary role of empowering everyone to be the best version of themselves everyday.
  • To share the #behumankind work , models and approaches widely.

PLAN institute 

Plan Institute is a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities by collaborating on community-based projects, offering a suite of learning initiatives, and advocating for policy reform.

24/7 Grid 

Self directed support is key to getting better life outcomes. This can be achieved in a commissioned service, an Individual service fund or a direct payment because the 24/7 grid changes the conversation! The 24/7 grid is the perfect tool to instantly see how your support package is designed and how the budget is being spent.

Inclusion Press Canada 

Inclusion Press is about inclusion — for all — in education and community. Here are resources to purchase, to download (free), and to research the deep history of inclusion.

Centre for Welfare Reform

UK focus for radical thought and policy development in respect of inclusion, personalisation, and the evolution of a sustainable, person centred, and citizen empowering approach to how we care for each other in contemporary society – founded by Simon Duffy

Go MAD Thinking

Ideas and plans are one thing – getting them implemented is another!
Finding out what someone really, really wants is often easier than satisfying their wishes. That takes creativity.
We use Go Make a Difference approaches to turn aspiration into action!

Support Brokerage Network

Simply the voice of support brokerage – of the variety that helps people define and work towards achieving their good life – a lives that secures a contributing place and real belonging in their families and communities as well as via responsive and accountable services.

Planned Lifetimes Advocacy Networks

Where we learned a huge amount about family leadership and how to secure sustainable personal relationship networks. If you want to really explore inclusion this is a great place to start!

Realife Trust

In our humble opinion, Community Development and Inclusion alive and flourishing in the UK. An example about how to do it sustainably (despite constant worries!) with next to no real public services funding.

The Coalition for Independent Action

An alliance of individuals and organisations who believe that our freedom to join with others in independent voluntary and community activities has been put at risk by successive governments’ determination to co-opt the VCS for the delivery of their public services agenda. We believe that citizens associations bring something unique and invaluable to life that is beyond the orbit of public institutions. This includes innovation and responsiveness, and the capacity to hold powerful interests to account.

Beyond Welfare

An inspirational US (Iowa) example of how ordinary folk, who care enough to act,can break the mould and enable friends, money and meaning for everyone.

Time Banking UK

“Only by people acting together can we protect the essential human qualities, like generosity, care and hospitality on which the social environment depends”. Martin Simon. Founding Advisor.

ABCD Institute

The engine room of asset based community development.