Strengths-based Monmouthshire

In our day to day experience there aren’t too many places left in the UK where the priorities of public bodies continue to be getting it right for their citizens rather than complying with imposed targets. Misguided and anti-democratic, austerity justified attacks on fundamental public services make the lives of local authorities frustrating and far too demanding everywhere, but counties like Monmouthshire demonstrate that by working to strengthen and empower families and communities the resources available for public benefit are significantly enhanced.

If you take a look at what’s going on in this very rural East Wales county you’ll be surprised to find a council that committed to trusting its people and its employees; to refocusing its efforts to co-produce responses to local requirements with its citizens; to looking beyond presenting needs and engaging with the strengths and assets of those who seek its assistance, enabling and strengthening rather than encouraging long-term dependence; and generating tailored responses to what really matters to people rather than shoe-horning them into a small choice of ill-fitting commodified service alternatives. If you want an alternative to succumbing compliantly to divisive cuts you’d do well to keep an eye on Monmouthshire.