On Eggheads promoting Best Buddies

An Update (April 2015) – We’ve been very busy!

I’m afraid that we’ve let real life get in the way of updating our website over recent months – but I guess that this is really positive because we’ve been upto our necks in helping professionals engage in strengths-based practice, in helping people gain or regain both control and responsibility for their own lives, and in assisting them to recognise their gifts and competences and to move from dependence on commodified services towards a reciprocal interdependence with others where services serve their proper purpose.

To pick out some “headlines”:

* we’ve continued to work closely with Monmouthshire County Council as this inspirational local authority works doggedly and joyfully towards a real and lasting ‘partnership’ with its fortunate citizens. Inter-alia we’ve worked on Transitions, ‘My Life My Day’ development and implementation, introducing strengths-based practice with social work teams, and begun a review of self-advocacy arrangements in harness with Hijinx Theatre Company.

*We’re working closely with The Partnership Board and Joint Commissioners in Gloucestershire, utilising the LivesthroughFriends Practice Framework, to demonstrate better and more sustainable ways to reverse the “Winterbourne View” narrative that sticks to so many folk who acquire very challenging reputations,
* We’ve worked with long-term professional friends and associates to get Best Buddies UK off the ground and even appeared on Eggheads to publicise the cause. ‘Best Butties’ is ready to roll in the Forest of Dean!

*And our international work continues with Bob and Colin traveling to Athens in May to work with family led organisations once again – this time re. building sustained relationship networks tailored to Greek life.
So that’s just a taste. We’ll try to be more attentive in future!