Local Authority Testimony

A Local Authority tell their story of working with LivesthroughFriends

We were contacted by a local authority struggling to provide support to a 17 year old with a complex reputation.  A care provider withdrew their support at short notice and there was a real risk of continued reliance on institutional repsonses.  LivesthroughFriends got involved in identifying an alternative support set up able to focus on the young man’s Good Life and have helped him to sustain and develop his connected community life.  The young man’s social worker says:

“(Our statutory child care service) found Lives Through Friends really useful as a consultancy for a young person with LD whom I had been allocated for some time. They were able to support us with planning a community based response to this young person’s needs where a more institutional approach had failed. In this way we were able to keep this young person,  who has extremely complex needs, living in the community he knows and able to be close to his family and lifelong support networks. They were also able to connect us up with high quality care providers when the care providers we had commissioned were unable to continue providing the service we needed for this young person. In addition they arranged relevant and effective training as well as ongoing advisory support for all the people involved in the Care and Support Plan.

I would highly recommend this service if you are looking for a more community based approach to your clients care. I believe the approach taken by LTF has allowed us to create a more stable care arrangement for our young person which in the long term will be a more effective solution both in terms of emotional cost for all parties as well as financial resources.”